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the Morés

A New Afrikan Folktale for Our Warring Souls

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About the morés

This play, the morés, is a new afrikan folktale told by BABA, an old warrior of the community, when KOFI refuses to perform the ancestral dances with the rest of the children. So, BABA decides to tell the tale of the morés.

The morés are an extinct ancient breed of hare that were enslaved by their neighboring “hare cousins”.

After many years in captivity, the moré descendants fall into a severe self-hatred, caused by an overwhelming sense of inadequacy and poor self-esteem. One moré, KALI, through self-affirming playful experimentation discovers a forgotten secret moré ability; but, it is now too late for the remaining moré children to learn.

KOFI learns to appreciate the “dances of the ancestors” as vital mores of the community through this story, and decides to dance with the other children.

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